I want to be an entrepreneur.
I want to make a career change.
I want to gain a competitive edge after graduation.

These are the key motivations that our students have shared with us.

At ALPHA Camp, we offer bootcamps across four different tracks: Full Stack Web Development, iOS Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and Product Design. Our bootcamps are launched concurrently, with students across tracks working together to launch a startup.

With an average acceptance rate of 20%, here are 5 tips to ensure that your bootcamp application stands out!

#1 Ask yourself

  1. Do you want to pursue a career in tech?
  2. What do you want to specialise in?
  3. Are you committed to a 12 weeks full-time programme?

#2 Read up about ALPHA Camp

Have a good understanding of . After choosing your track, prepare extensively by reading related articles. Google is always a good starting point.

Prepare yourself for our 3-stage admission process:

Stage 1: Complete personal information application
Stage 2: Read up learning materials and attempt entrance test
Stage 3: Interview with admissions team

#3 Be passionate

Our students need not be experienced in the chosen field, but they need to be passionate. If you’re passionate, you’ll make the time and effort to excel. Share with us your motivations and what/who inspires you.

#4 Book a study session with our instructor

If you face difficulty in the stage 2 of our admission process (studying for the entrance test), book a study session with our instructors. Come prepared with questions!

#5 Attend our offering of workshops!

We love to add value to our community by hosting free workshops on tech-related skills by industry experts in the region. These workshops would teach you a range of diverse skills from facebook advertising to the intro to building gaming app. Check our page here for future workshop offerings