On Tuesday, February 14, ALPHA Camp Singapore had the honour of hosting Minister for Communications and Information Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, who joined our campus for the day to attend one of our classes, as well as speak to attending media about the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) and Tech Immersion Placement Program (TIPP).  

Tech Immersion

Dr. Ibrahim joins a class on computational thinking.

The day kicked off with Dr. Ibrahim meeting up with some of our staff (picture above), and then jumping straight into one of our classes on computational thinking. When asked by one of the journalists to describe sitting in on the class, he said: “Frankly, I enjoyed it. I’m an engineer by training, I love math. The class I just went to is a whole exercise on logic, and I think that’s what this training is all about – to teach computational thinking. And then I realised: this is computational thinking, and this is logic, the way you organise a pattern, and put it in some way which a computer can understand.”

Joining the class also gave ALPHA Camp students the opportunity to interact with the Minister on a one-to-one basis. One of our students, Ashleigh, said: “Even though we had a member of government sitting in our classroom, he was an active participant and was very engaged in what the instructor and the other students had to say.”

But one of the big focuses of the day was highlighting the success of the tech initiatives (like TeSA and TIPP) launched by the InfoComm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Dr. Ibrahim said: “With the launch of TechSkills Accelerator last year, we’ve been able to train about 8000 people in this area, which I think is a very good number.”

“I’m happy that ALPHA Camp is able to host me this afternoon, and this is the kind of partnership that IMDA wants to cultivate, to ensure that we have enough capacity to train people to re-skill them for the new digital economy.”

“At the moment we are looking at two key areas, one is capacity, and the other is the offering of companies. If we have more companies and more partnerships, I think that will be better, because that will offer a lot more opportunities. It is growing, the opportunities are there, and hopefully we can work with more industry partners to ensure that place those students in the companies that are there.”


Tech immersion

ALPHA Camp CEO and founder, Bernard Chan, addresses the media

“… this is the kind of partnership that IMDA wants to cultivate, to ensure that we have enough capacity to train people to re-skill them for the new digital economy.” – Dr. Ibrahim

Bernard Chan, Founder of ALPHA Camp, said: “We are honoured to have had Dr. Ibrahim join us for the day. It was great seeing him interact with students, and for him to see what it is we do on a day-to-day basis, but we were also really happy to hear that the programs that have been run by IMDA are succeeding in their goals.”

“At ALPHA Camp, we are really committed to growing the tech talent pool in Singapore to meet the needs of the future digital economy, and it’s fantastic to hear that initiatives like TechSkills Accelerator and the Tech Immersion Placement Program are not only working, but are set to be expanded in the future.

“We look forward to continuing to working with the Minister and the department in order to achieve great outcomes for Singapore.”

ALPHA Camp is a school for people who want to prepare for a role in the digital economy. If you’re interested in finding out more about ALPHA Camp’s upcoming workshops, bootcamps (which are eligible for subsidies under the Tech Immersion Placement Program), and events, please visit https://sg.alphacamp.co/.