This month, ALPHA Camp Singapore is honoured to partner with INSEAD to create a special tech learning experience for 20 INSEAD MBA students.The 14 days Hackathon-inspired course will bring ALPHA Camp’s full-time bootcamp graduates and INSEAD MBA students together. Working in teams of five, the students will take business opportunities from ideation to market validation.

The course aims to create a real-world tech startup experience for both ALPHA Camp and INSEAD students by combining the strengths of both schools.

1. Bridging the Gap between Businesspeople and Technical Talents

INSEAD is the number one business school in the world. The robust INSEAD MBA curriculums are building students into world-class business leaders with great international exposure.

However, these business students tend to lack technical skills, especially around programming. As technology increasingly plays an integral part in modern businesses, the ability of businesspeople to work with technologists in the early stages of business ideation becomes increasingly important.

This partnership with ALPHA Camp aims to bridge this gap, with the collaboration combining the strength of both schools. By working together in teams at the start of their business venture, both INSEAD and ALPHA Camp students will be able to complement each other’s experiences and skillsets.

2. Flipping the Classroom to Create Real-world Learning Experiences

Learning by doing: it’s the teaching philosophy shared by both INSEAD and ALPHA Camp.

The programme is structured to facilitate the real-world application of what’s taught in classroom. The students will have to conduct market validation using Lean Startup methodology, and a Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) will be built with the help of the ALPHA Camp students to further validate the ideas.

“The ability to work with a team of people from diverse backgrounds in an uncertain situation is a skill that’s extremely important in a startup environment, but very hard to teach. The practical experience of team formation, motivation and collaboration is what you have to learn by doing.”

 – Ms Virginia Cha, Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD, commented about this partnership at ALPHA Camp’s monthly Tech Career Meetup.

3. Supporting the Ventures of Promising Projects and Teams

For students who are determined to bring their business ideas to reality, the curriculum also provides funding support after the two-week program in order to help them continue working on their business ideas.

At the end of the two-week class, the teams will pitch their ideas and product prototypes to a group of investors, which includes Tri5 Ventures, Manulife Lab of Forward Thinking (LOFT) and other angel investors.

This partnership is part of ALPHA Camp’s commitment to providing holistic learning experiences for our bootcamp students. On top of gaining technical skillsets around programming, our students also gain a holistic view of what working as a software engineer is like in real-life scenarios.

We look forward to the success of this partnership with INSEAD, and the product demonstrations by students on demo day.

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