Yay, you heard it right!

ALPHA Camp has recently concluded our first online coding bootcamp crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan with an astonishing success!

The campaign was launched on 5 July and ended on 4 Aug. Within 1 month, ALPHA Camp managed to raised S$1.04 million (NT$22,782,639).

With the successful conclusion of this crowdfunding campaign, we will soon be seeing over 800 students starting their coding class with ALPHA Camp in Sep 2017.

The campaign is a significant achievement for us.

Record-breaking Amount of Funds Raised in 1 Month

This campaign achieved the crowdfunding target in only 4 days and completed with S$1.04 million (NT$22,782,639) raised in total, over 2000% of the original campaign target. This is the largest amount raised in 1 month in Asia for any training related crowdfunding campaign. We are very excited and grateful that so many backers have entrusted ALPHA Camp to help them along their journeys to transform their lives. This would not have been possible without ALPHA Camp’s strong track record in delivering quality classes in the past 3 years as well as our strong network of partners and alumni in Asia.

Over 800 students enrolled

The campaign concluded with over 800 students enrolled. It is the biggest online coding class that has ever happened in Asia.

This is a remarkable step for ALPHA Camp as it strives to elevate its platform as Asia’s top tech and startup school, with the goal to support more people in creating meaningful careers for themselves.

The Mission We are On

The goal of this campaign to train and nurture full-stack web developers which is in huge shortage in many parts of Asia. But more importantly, the campaign also aims to encourage Taiwanese talents to leave their comfort zone and seek challenging opportunities abroad

As such, we have received tremendous amount of supports from our partners in the tech and startup community all over Asia. Representatives from Carousell, Honestbee, and Gogovan all championed the campaign by sharing their experiences as part of the vibrant and thriving tech startup community.

This partnership is part of ALPHA Camp’s commitment to providing holistic learning experiences for our bootcamp students. On top of gaining technical skillsets around programming, our students also gain a holistic view of what working as a software engineer is like in real-life scenarios.

Looking Ahead

One of ALPHA Camp’s strengths is that we partner with innovative organisations to tackle real world problems. Some of our past project partners including honestbee and Linkedin. We also collaborated with INSEAD to offer a “Tech-entrepreneurship” class at the world’s leading business school.

ALPHA Camp has been running in Singapore for almost a year now and we have just kicked off our 4th batch of coding bootcamp. Students of our coding bootcamp come from diverse backgrounds, including a freelance dance instructor, a lawyer, a banker, an INSEAD graduate and  a zookeeper.

With the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, we look forward to creating more collaboration opportunities among our students from Taiwan and Singapore to add value to their learning.

ALPHA Camp is a school for people who want to prepare for the digital economy. If you’re interested in finding out more about ALPHA Camp’s upcoming workshops, bootcamps (which are eligible for subsidies under the Tech Immersion Placement Program), and events, please visit https://sg.alphacamp.co/.