On 28th November 2017, a group of INSEAD and ALPHA Camp students jointly pitched the startup ideas they had worked on over a 4-week period. The pitch is part of Professor Virginia Cha’s bi-annual Technology Venturing Practicum (TVP) class for for INSEAD’s MBA program in Singapore. Professor Virginia, who is also a faculty at Lean Launchpad, recognised that a key part of a new venture team that can attract top-quality venture capital is to form an entrepreneurial team with both business and technical team members. Thus ALPHA Camp students got to participate in MBA classes as well as build MVPs with go-to market strategies then pitch to a panel of investors! All very hackathon-like…

Winners from Pitch Day (May 2017) 

Pitch Day (November 2017) participants 

The ideas and prototypes that came out of this intensive 4-week period include solutions that aim to help SMEs more easily hire top notch consulting services, an e-commerce platform for second-hand luxury goods, an ‘uber for nannies’ and a female entrepreneurship portal.

Nathan (a recent ALPHA Camp graduate who is currently a full-stack web developer) wrote a mobile app and an administrative backend for his team’s project YoRipe. An e-commerce teammate of his had experience with proto.io, but further deepened her technical understanding when Nathan incorporated his learnings from ALPHA Camp’s Full-Stack Web Development class by complementing the mobile app with a web-based back-end using Ruby on Rails. His other teammates added that picking up technical concepts together allowed them to smoothly communicate as well as agree on project direction and scope.

On the other hand, Sarah picked up good habits from her team’s management style where they were effective and to-the-point in their meetings. Whilst she picked up a range of coding skills on our Full-Stack Web Development course, she enjoyed how this project allowed her to structure her MVP based on time constraints and to choose what really matters to the business.

Overall, this project indeed helped MBA students recognized the importance of knowing how to work effectively with technical talents, and in turn, honed our full-stack web development students’ business acumen. When asked by Professor Virginia what were some of the biggest takeaway from the class, one of the MBA students suggested to have ALPHA Camp also participate in other INSEAD digital and entrepreneurial classes. This shows not only how valuable the talents of our students are, but also how environments like these are conducive. We are looking forward to partnering again with INSEAD for its next TVP class in May, 2018!

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