On 20th November, our bootcamp graduate Kelvin Chow wrote on his Medium blog about his final bootcamp experience. 

When I first came in to ALPHA Camp, it was 14th August 2017.

So many questions ran through my mind…

“How skilled would I be when I complete this bootcamp?”
“Will what we learn be relevant to what I wish to do?”
“How are my instructors and classmates like? Will the lesson be informative, and will I work effectively with them on group projects?”

Fast-forward to 15th November, also known as Demo Day. It is the day we showcase our capstone projects and it also acts as our official ‘graduation’.

I will definitely miss this bunch so much. Although I went through a diploma, this is the first class I really bonded with!

The first time we stayed late and coded together — ’til 10.30pm!

Last day of class — but we still have our capstone project!

Our presentation, or rather all our presentations I would say, actually went incredibly well. Watching each other present and talk about our capstone and challenges make a sharp contrast when I compare to our first day of school. Back then, we were still struggling with understanding what to install and prepare… haha!

By the way… for those who are interested to join the bootcamp and will experience their own Demo Day, this is actually what happens:

  • You’ll have HR personnel among the crowd circling and crossing out potential employees
  • Your slides and presentation matters more than you thought
  • Applause from the audience serve as your first, superficial-level validation
  • This congregation of potential ‘bootcampers’, hirers and Alphacamp students allow you meet some pretty cool and interesting people

The hiring part isn’t a joke. I received my first name-card 2 minutes after presenting!

Conversations around ideas and job scopes mattered to me more than job openings, as I already knew what I was gonna do. I would like to freelance first, then join a Web Agency as a stretch goal. Though if possible, I would really like the idea of having at least 1–2 years working experience in other agencies before doing it independently.

It was a very enjoyable experience as a whole. I managed to confidently present (I was still stuttering during practices), our app works fine (awesome time working with Vincent & Nicole!) and the audience seemed impressed. The playing, eating and talking with everyone else was the cherry on top. YAY!

And we’re done!

Definitely learned a lot these 3 months. I can’t imagine NOT going through this journey… More important than the coding skills, this experience gave me confidence. Gave me ambition. And gave me a direction in a field that I have always wanted to go into.

And definitely, what’s making me already start to miss everyone is the enjoyable time spent together as classmates and friends. This was the ‘poly education’, and they were like the ‘poly classmates’ I wish I had. All of them are like my older brothers and sisters, and it is  rare finding a class that can build this level of rapport and friendship.

I hope we’ll cross roads again, and have a chance to work with each other, or maybe just reminisce and catch up on old times. Until then, good luck everyone with your endeavours! Lastly, thank you ALPHA Camp for letting me meet these people and for the priceless learning experience.

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