Who This Is For

Front-end Web Developers

Web developers and/or enthusiasts who are familiar with front-end and are interested go full-stack

Non-Rails Back-end Developers

Developers who are familiar with other back-end technologies but want to upskill and expand their skillset

Hands-On Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who want to build web-based applications as their minimum viable products (MVPs)

Key Learning Outcomes


Create dynamic web applications on your own

We will take you through the back-end building blocks of a modern web application and equip you with the necessary technical competencies to build dynamic web apps all on your own.


Solve complex problems systemically

Knowing how to code is rewarding, but more importantly, you will be able to breakdown complex problems, articulate possible solutions, and implement the best solution.


Communicate with developers effectively

You’ll gain the competency to communicate comfortably and effectively with other developers, using proper terminology and asking the right questions.


Become a more resourceful professional

Learning is lifelong and never stops, ALPHA Camp will help you gain the confidence, momentum and resources you’ll need to continue to upskill yourself and stay ahead.

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Topics Covered

Here are the topics that will be covered in the programme



Use Ruby, a dynamic and open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Work with Ruby on Rails, a modern and robust web application framework, to make building a website easier and more fun.



Learn database design, normalization, structure mapping, keys and junction tables using MySQL, one of the most popular database system.

Git and Repositories

Git and Repositories

Work with the version control system known as Git, as well as the repository platforms to manage projects.



Learn how to consume and build your own application programmable interfaces to integrate with other powerful web applications



Deploy your web applications with Heroku and make your work public on the internet for all to use

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Course Schedule & Fees

Tuition Fee: S$1,100 for SG citizens and PRs (CITREP+ endorsed), S$3,600 for others

8 Weeks Part-time

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
Lecture Time

Saturday Afternoons
Tutorial Hours

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