What’s the course fee for ALPHA Camp’s full time programmes?

The full tuition fees is S$9,200. However, for Singaporean citizens looking for tech careers, our full-time bootcamp programmes are eligible for a 70% tuition fee support under the Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP). The fees after subsidy would be S$2,760 all inclusive.

Please note that the minimum age for subsidy applicants is 17, and the applicant must pass a minimum of 3 credits in any ‘O’ level subjects (or equivalent), including English Language.

ALPHA Camp also offers study grant to non-Singapore citizens who are committed to learning. Please contact our admission officer for more details at singapore@alphacamp.co



What is the difference between ALPHA Camp’s programmes and other courses offered in the market?

ALPHA Camp emphasizes learning by doing and building the right mindset. We also focus on improving soft skills such as resume writing, presentation skills and pitching. During the final project, you will be working in teams to launch a business idea from ideation to prototype, so that our students have a high-level perspective of the entire product development lifecycle. We are also working with industry mentors as well as providing networking events and other activities to help you build a strong network of contacts. We will be screening every applicants’ motivations, experience and background prior to admittance into the course.



Who would be the perfect fit for our programmes?

We’re looking for individuals who are problem solvers, self-motivated and make great team players.



If I do not have any programming skills, can I apply for Full Stack Web Development or iOS Mobile App Development Courses?

ALPHA Camp has helped students with no programming background learn coding over the past 3 years. Before the start of the course, we offer pre-course materials for applicants to review and practice. This is to ensure applicants acquire basic programming knowledge before the start of the class.



How many students are there in each course?

To ensure a good learning experience for all students, we accept no more than 15 students for each course.



What is Demo Day and why is it important?

Demo Day is a graduation party for our students. In Week 12, our students will present and showcase their products and what they have learnt in the past 12 weeks to the corporate partners and the community. This is a good opportunity for networking and building future career prospects.



Does ALPHA Camp help students with job placement?

Yes, we help our graduates pursue the jobs they love. Besides learning the hard skills to kickoff their tech career, we also assist students to become job-ready with resume writing, presentation skills and job referrals. We leverage on our established relations with industry partners to help place our graduates.



What is the application process like?

To select good students with strong learning motivation and ensure a dynamic learning environment for all, we put in place a 3-stage application process.

1. Application form – the objective is for you to think through your learning goals and need; it will also help us understand you as a person and be sure that we can help you.

2. Entrance test – this gives you a sense of what the programme is like. We will provide online self-learning materials for you to experience the learning before committing to the 3 months programme. We also want to test your basic aptitude and commitment.

3. Interview – this allows us to know you better and to ensure the right culture fit. Our goal is to put together a class of motivated and collaborative students so you may learn from each other.



What is the acceptance rate for ALPHA Camp’s programmes?

In the past 3 years, we received over 100 applications for each batch. We carry out a rigorous screening process to ensure we accept students with the right motivations, cultural fit and are aligned with ALPHA Camp’s core values. The acceptance rate is around 20%.


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