FULL TIME|12 Weeks

Master iOS APP Development in 12 weeks

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Programming Fundamentals

Learn from a comprehensive curriculum that will guide you through the basics of programming, algorithm, networks, and data structures.

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Work with Teams

Learn how to collaborate with other developers to develop, maintain, change, and secure an application.

iOS APP Development

Build your own App Idea

Learn to create mobile apps using programming language and framework – Swift, Xcode and Cocoa Framework.

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Are you an aspiring APP Developer or Tech Entrepreneur?
This full-time accelerated programme is dedicated to you.

iOS APP Development

Intro to Software Development

Introduction to iOS Application Development , Version Control and Xcode basics

iOS APP Development

Core iOS

Dive into the world of iOS app development and Swift programming language. Learn the core concepts of MVC, object-oriented programming and other app design patterns and methodologies. Get familiar with View Controller, App lifecycle and programming debugging processes.

iOS APP Development

Functional iOS

Learn to persist data locally, and basic networking to work with data in the cloud using Firebase. Work with package managers to integrate external libraries into your Xcode project. Integrate notifications, touch-based gestures, alerts, as well as Facebook in your app.

iOS APP Development

Week 9~10

Advanced and Dynamic iOS

Proceed to advanced iOS App Development tasks by learning how to integrate features such as geolocation, device’s cameras, user’s photo gallery and data sharing with other apps.

iOS APP Development

Week 11~12

Final Project Sprint

You will form startup teams with your coursemates and work on a simulated startup environment as your final project. On the Demo Day, we’ll be joined by fellow students, the startup community and potential investors to witness your learning progresss over the 12 weeks.

Key Learnings

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    Team Up with INSEAD Business Students

    ALPHA Camp is the official partner of INSEAD Business School's Technology Venturing Class. Graduates of ALPHA Camp will team up with INSEAD students to work on a 2-week startup project.


We have helped over 200 alum improved their career. Hear what they say about ALPHA Camp.

Pihan Hsu

Pihan Hsu

iOS Engineer / Properly. Inc

The best part about learning how to code was that I no longer had to depend on my developers to solve issues for me. I am able to personally review and work on projects, something that I wasn’t able to do in my 7 years as a project manager.

Sean Cheng

Sean Cheng

iOS Engineer / Garbage Ninja

The learning environment in ALPHA Camp is amazing. Students are all self-motivated and willing to help each other. ALPHA Camp really shapes the good culture and learning atmosphere.

Eric Chen

Eric Chen

iOS Engineer / INNOORZ

ALPHA Camp helped me switch career from a finance reporter to an APP developer. It's tough to learn coding from scratch but really worthy. I will definitely recommend ALPHA Camp to other career switchers.


  • 09:30


    Learn technical skills and engage in class discussions with instructors
  • 12:30


    Join our brown bag sharing sessions with industry practitioners
  • 14:00


    Time to get hands-on using our learning management platform to work on assignments and projects or join our workshops held by external or our own instructors
  • 16:00


    1-to-1 code review and mentorship with teaching assistants. Regular networking sessions are held where startup founders, investors and the startup community come together to share their experiences


Toh Zi Yuan

Toh Zi Yuan

iOS Developer


Gibson Tang

Gibson Tang

Technical Consultant at Azukisoft

Stan Chang

Stan Chang

CTO, Taskade

Zeyu Chen

Zeyu Chen

Co-founder at Fooyo

Thomas Pun

Thomas Pun

Advisor at Multiple Early Stage Startups. Stanford, Apple, and Y-Combinator alum


We work closely with our Industry Partners to offer real-life startup project opportunities for our students. Here are some past projects students have completed with our industry partners.


honestbee: build a new media product

honestbee is an online concierge grocery delivery service.

ALPHA Camp students collaborated with honestbee to build, RECIBEE, a recipe-sharing platform which connects directly to honestbee.


Pegaxis: build a web application for process improvement

Pegaxis operates a B2B marketplace which connects professional property managers and service providers.

Led by the CTO of Pegaxis, ALPHA Camp student worked with Pegaxis to develop a web application to facilitate the contractor accreditation exercise.


All of our Full-Time Courses are heavily subsidised under TIPP and are SkillsFuture eligible.


Weekday Classes

Regular Lectures: 9:30 - 12:30pm
Practice, Project & TA Hours: 1:30 - 6:00pm

Course Fees:


*Singapore Citizens only: Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and ALPHA Camp are collaborating on building tech talent in Singapore under the Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP). Not applicable to government employees and individual who has benefited from the TIPP previously.   *TIPP trainees who fail to complete the requirements of the course after the commencement of the course shall be liable to pay the full fees for the consumed portion of the course. A failure to complete the requirement of the course shall include trainees who withdraw from the programme; not meeting graduation requirements or who fail to complete a job placement commitment.   *For Non-Singapore citizens, study grant is available to selected applicants based on needs and application quality.

Upcoming Class

We are currently scheduling classes in Singapore. Please indicate your interest to get notified when the next class schedule is confirmed.


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Do you offer any financial assistance and how can I be eligible for it?

The full tuition fees is S$9,200. However, for Singaporean citizens looking for tech careers, our full time boot camp programmes are eligible for a 70% tuition fee support under the Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP). The fees after subsidy would be S$2,760 all inclusive. Please note that the minimum age for subsidy applicants is 17, and the applicant must pass minimum of 3 credits in any ‘O’ level subjects (or equivalent), including English Language. ALPHA Camp also offers study grant to non-Singapore citizens who are committed to learning. Please contact our admission officer for more details at

If I do not know have any programming skills, can I apply for Web or iOS Development Bootcamp? Will I fall behind in class?

ALPHA Camp has helped students with no programming background learn coding over the past 2 years. Before the start of each bootcamp, we offer pre-course materials for applicants to review and practice. This is to ensure applicants to acquire basic programming knowledge before the start of the class.

Does ALPHA Camp help students with job placement?

Yes, we help our graduates pursue the jobs they love. Besides learning the hard skills to kickoff their tech career, we also assist students to become job-ready with resume writing, presentation skills and job referrals. We leverage on our established relations with industry partners to help place our graduates.

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