Job Opening – Content Reviewer (Full Time)

If you like working with words, people and technology then ALPHA Camp has an exciting new opportunity for you! We are looking for content reviewers to help us plan, write, review and publish content for a variety of technology curricula. A quick summary of the job and requirements:

Job summary:

The successful candidates will be responsible for content review that includes:

  • Working closely with our writers to develop learning content.
  • Reviewing the writer’s output to see if it meets the original curriculum guidelines and explains the topic well.
  • Working closely with technical testers who will assess the writers’ code and give feedback on their content.
  • Giving feedback to writers in a timely and encouraging way to help them develop better content.
  • Assessing potential writers and editors who will help develop the content.
  • Working closely with content editors to finalise and polish the content.

We are working on a Full-Stack Web Development programme at the moment, and will always look to the industry to see what the next trend is. You will work closely with our curriculum developer, other reviewers, including industry experts, and our project manager to develop the content from outline to final product.

Personal Requirements:

  • Strong sense of empathy, be able to develop learning experiences from students’ perspective and help develop content that resonate with them
  • Good and effective communication skills, especially giving feedback in an encouraging and constructive way
  • Ability to break down code and explain it to new programmers step by step to help writers do this (even if it is just basic code)
  • Ability and willingness to research new topics as demanded by the current project
  • Ability to explain difficult concepts and give appropriate, easy-to-follow examples to help writers do this
  • Ability to stick to deadlines and manage time well
  • Good command of English or Chinese as well as some knowledge of the programming languages and tools listed below
  • Ability to work on multiple topics and with various authors and other roleplayers at the same time
  • Experience in educational publishing (writing or editing) or teaching would be an advantage

Technical Requirements:

We are looking for individuals who have at least some experience in developing web applications with technology, programming, IT, etc. Experience and knowledge in a combination of the following technologies/frameworks/tools are highly desirable:

  • Common Web Programming Languages and framework: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, node.js, Vue.js, React.js, etc.
  • Database: SQL, noSQL/MongoDB
  • Development tools: Git, IDE, Webpack, etc

What ALPHA Camp can offer you:

  • An exciting opportunity to be part of our mission to improve the lives of thousands of people in Asia by closing their skills gap!
  • A chance to help develop and create original content combining your technical skills and ability to explain to or teach others.
  • A chance to work for an exciting startup with like-minded, passionate and knowledgeable team members who want to empower others.
  • Flexible schedule and working style.
  • A competitive salary based on your experience.
  • Plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. We believe in empowering not only our students but also our employees.
  • A chance to help shape the future of technology education and to reach many students who wish to explore this industry.

About ALPHA Camp

A brief history

ALPHA Camp (AC) was founded with the mission to help people develop meaningful and rewarding careers in the new economy. We teach people the skills and mindset that will not only help them stay relevant, but succeed in this age of technological acceleration.

We launched our first seminar in Taiwan in 2013, and later expanded to Singapore in 2016, partnering with Singapore’s government to help its citizens develop careers in technology. Since then we have trained over 4,000 individuals, and our Bootcamp has graduated over 300 alumni who are working as software developers, designers, and digital marketers in MNCs and various startups across Asia.

Today, we offer a diverse portfolio of training programs for both consumers (2C) and corporates (2B) in Taiwan and Singapore.

Combining data, technology, and community

There are four reasons we decided to move our program online:

  1. To help more people by allowing them to learn online, anywhere, and at their own pace
  2. To ensure consistency in delivering our course content via videos, graphs, and text
  3. To gather in-depth learning data from a large set of students so we can optimise and improve our content and course design
  4. To harness the power of social discussions, gamification, personalised learning, and other potential techniques and technology to improve engagements and learning effectiveness

While we believe technology will help us to substantially improve both the experience and the effectiveness of our courses, we also understand that there elements that make learning in an offline classroom effective. One of these key elements is the trust and sense of community built via personal interactions.  As such, we try to include personal elements in our training programs to ensure a sense of community is built among our students.

What to do next:

If you are interested or would like to know more please email (Subject: Curriculum Developer Role) and we will send you an assessment. This assessment will help both parties to see what can be expected and whether or not we’d like to continue the process. It should only take a few hours, but we will not pay you for it as it’s meant to help us and you gauge interest and possibility.