Job Opening – Freelance Content Developer

ALPHA Camp has an exciting new opportunity for part-time / freelance content developers to help us create content for our new Web Development curriculum. A quick summary of the job and requirements:

Job summary:

The successful candidates will be responsible for creating new content that includes:

  • Clear explanations of theories and concepts
  • Step-by-step coding exercises and tutorials that guide students to practice the programming skills they learn
  • Clear, well-structured and well-commented code as part of the coding exercise

You will be assigned a whole section that focuses on one specific topic that will be broken down into separate lessons and units. We will give you the outline, a writer’s manual and a writing brief with references and sources you can consult to help you write the content. Briefly, these are the topics of interest:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals:
  • JavaScript DOM Manipulation and Events
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Functional Programming with JavaScript
  • Algorithm
  • Building a Node.js project with MongoDB
  • Building a Node.js project with MySQL
  • Vue.js
  • React.js
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) in JavaScript/Node.js
  • Build your e-commerce site in Node.js

Personal requirements:

  • Strong sense of empathy, be able to design learning experiences from students’ perspective and develop content that resonate with them
  • Good and effective communication skills
  • Ability to break down code and explain it to new programmers step by step
  • Ability to explain difficult concepts and give appropriate, easy-to-follow examples
  • Able to take large amounts of information (from external resources provided and your own knowledge base) and write new content that is easy to follow and will teach the given learning outcomes
  • Ability to stick to deadlines and manage time well
  • Good command of English or Chinese as well as the programming languages and tools listed below

Technical requirements:

We are looking for individuals who have at least two years professional experience in developing web applications with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Experience and knowledge in a combination of the following technologies/frameworks/tools are highly desirable:

  • Sass
  • Express.js
  • Node.js
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js
  • React.js
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Mocha

What ALPHA Camp can offer you:

  • An exciting opportunity to be part of our mission to improve the lives of thousands of people in Asia by closing their skills gap!
  • Exposure (or enhanced exposure) to the Asian markets and communities. Our community includes:
    • Over 30 000 followers on our Facebook pages
    • Nearly 20 000 subscribers to our mailing list
    • Over 4,000 trainees from our workshops and courses
    • A few hundred corporate/startup partners, like DBS Bank, Gogoro, Lazada, Skyscanner and Honestbee, who have hired our alumni
    • Our recently-launched blog on Medium where readership has doubled to more than 1000 per month.
  • A chance to develop and create original content combining your technical skills and ability to explain to or teach others.
  • A chance to work for an exciting startup with like-minded, passionate and knowledgeable team members who want to empower others.
  • Flexible schedule and working style. You won’t need to come into the office and you can manage your time as you see fit within our given deadlines.
  • We will provide a full curriculum outline that shows:
    • what your section has to focus on,
    • what students learned before and will learn after,
    • external references for more information,
    • a detailed writing brief and manual,
    • constructive and valuable feedback to help you improve.
  • Full attribution on our Contributors’ page and exposure on our social media and other platforms as well as community events. You will be acknowledged as the author of your work, so you can use it on your resume, but copyright will remain with ALPHA Camp (meaning you can’t share it).
  • Potential long-term (even full-time) engagement depending on your performance, abilities and interests.

Compensation: USD500 to USD1,000 / SGD600 to SGD1,400

About ALPHA Camp

A brief history

ALPHA Camp (AC) was founded with the mission to help people develop meaningful and rewarding careers in the new economy. We teach people the skills and mindset that will not only help them stay relevant, but succeed in this age of technological acceleration.

We launched our first seminar in Taiwan in 2013, and later expanded to Singapore in 2016, partnering with Singapore’s government to help its citizens develop careers in technology. Since then we have trained over 4,000 individuals, and our Bootcamp has graduated over 300 alumni who are working as software developers, designers, and digital marketers in MNCs and various startups across Asia.

Today, we offer a diverse portfolio of training programs for both consumers (2C) and corporates (2B) in Taiwan and Singapore.

Combining data, technology, and community

There are four reasons we decided to move our program online:

  • To help more people by allowing them to learn online, anywhere, and at their own pace
  • To ensure consistency in delivering our course content via videos, graphs, and text
  • To gather in-depth learning data from a large set of students so we can optimise and improve our content and course design
  • To harness the power of social discussions, gamification, personalised learning, and other potential techniques and technology to improve engagements and learning effectiveness

While we believe technology will help us to substantially improve both the experience and the effectiveness of our courses, we also understand that there elements that make learning in an offline classroom effective. One of these key elements is the trust and sense of community built via personal interactions. As such, we try to include personal elements in our training programs to ensure a sense of community is built among our students.

What to do next:

If you are interested, please tell us more about yourself by completing this short questionnaire. We will review your answers and prepare a short assessment based on the role you are applying for and your skills.