Online Web Development Programme

It takes more than knowing how to code to know web development. Our mastery-based web development programme is designed to build up your proficiency one module at a time.


Intro Module – Get Your Feet Wet

Module Overview

Develop digital literacy by learning how to code. Understand the basics of programming and web development, and apply your knowledge via creating simple computer programmes and web sites. Also learn how technology is impacting our world, our economies, and our careers.

Estimated Time to Complete

30 – 40 hours (3 – 4 weeks)

Suitable For

Complete beginners with no prior experience.


No prerequisites, prior experience in coding is not necessary.


$90 after subsidy* ($300 before subsidy)

What You’ll Learn

Build a Static Web Page

Basic HTML and CSS Syntax, Box Model, Layout and Position

Intro to Web Application

Let’s build your first web application with Ruby on Rails

Get Started on Programming

Programming fundamentals, learn Ruby, develop your coding sense

Problem Solving

Computational thinking, solving problems with algorithms

Foundation Module – Dive Deeper

Module Overview

Build a solid foundation in programming and computer science. Learn and apply core concepts such as data structure, algorithm, and object oriented programming using Javascript. Also take your HTML/CSS to the next level and build mobile friendly websites with responsive web design (RWD) techniques and Bootstrap.

Estimated Time to Complete

80 – 100 hours (6 – 8 weeks)

Suitable For

Beginners who want to acquire the “super power” of programming and build a solid foundation before learning web development.


Completion of Intro Module (or completion of a proficiency assessment).


$420 after subsidy* ($1,400 before subsidy)

What You’ll Learn

Programming Foundation in JavaScript

Data type and structure, flow control and loops, functions

Computer Science Basics

Algorithm and problem solving, object-oriented programming, space/time complexity

Front-end Web Development

Intermediate HTML and CSS, intro to JavaScript, DOM manipulation, and events

Responsive Web Design

Build responsive web pages, Bootstrap

Core Module – Immerse Yourself Further

Module Overview

Learn how to design, build, and launch real-world web applications with Node.js. From basic concepts in databases to tools such as Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB. You will learn how to design, develop, and deploy real-world web applications.

Estimated Time to Complete

80 – 100 hours (6 – 8 weeks)

Suitable For

Individuals who want to acquire the knowledge to work with software developers or a technical team effectively and build fully-functional web applications. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to turn their ideas into a working prototype.


Completion of Foundation Module (or completion of a proficiency assessment).


$780 after subsidy* ($2,600 before subsidy)

What You’ll Learn

Environment Setup

Set up your development environment on your computer

Web Development Core

How internet works (HTTP protocol, etc), Database design, SQL and noSQL, MVC, API, version control and Git

Build Full-stack Web Application with JavaScript

Build multiple web applications with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and MySQL, from design, development, to deployment
Projects: URL shortener, restaurants forums, Twitter clone

Advanced Front-end Development

Learn AJAX programming and modern front-end framework Vue.js

Career Module – Broaden Your Skillset and Jumpstart Your Career

Module Overview

Career Launchpad. Learn industry best practices from industry mentors and solve real-world problems by building your own web product. Acquire the skills, mindset, and professional network to launch a new career in web development.

Estimated Time to Complete

240 hours (6 weeks, full-time)

Suitable For

People who have gone through our first three modules and are ready (and serious) about launching a new career in web development.


Completion of Core Module (or completion of a proficiency assessment).


$1,250 after subsidy*

What You’ll Learn

Git Collaboration

Learn how to collaborate with other developers in team projects and contribute to open source projects

Product Engineering and Development Best Practices

Familiarise and apply industry standard techniques such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI)

Advanced Web Development

Security enhancement, performance optimisation, DevOps with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud

Capstone Project with Startups and Corporates

Work alongside engineering teams from Singapore’s startups and corporates to develop prototypes that solve real world problems

Demo Day

Prepare your portfolio and sharpen your interview skills, showcase your capstone project and network with recruiters at Demo Day

Career Support

Work with our mentors and industry partners to land your dream job. Join our global alumni network

Subsidy available but space is limited, check your eligibility

Not sure where to begin?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the topics, we recommend that you start with the intro module to solidify your fundamentals. Alternatively, you can apply and discuss with our admissions officer.