Digital Marketing

Part-Time|40 hours

Comprehensive Curriculum

ALPHA Camp’s part-time digital marketing programme features a comprehensive curriculum to cover the full suit of skills and domain knowledge that you need to be an effective digital marketer.

Industry-Focused Skills

You will be learning a broad range of specific digital marketing skills, including inbound marketing, SEM, Facebook Advertising, metrics, analytics, SEO, inbound marketing, growth hacking, etc.

Project-Based Learning

Learning digital marketing is all about gaining real experiences. Our accelerated programme focuses on project-based learning to build up the real marketing experiences.


Foundation in Marketing

Foundation in Marketing

Focus on building your marketing foundation by understanding what is Market, Product and Brand, learning topics on brand building, product development cycle and business model design.

Intro to Web Front-End, Copywriting & Landing Pages

Intro to Web Front-End, Copywriting & Landing Pages

Learn the basics of programming; the technology and tools commonly used in the industry and the coding basics of both front-end and back-end technology to build your own landing page.



One of the biggest difference between Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing is the reliance on data. Learn the essential metrics that you need to know as a digital marketer and the tools you will need to access these data.

Paid Media, Content Marketing and PR

Paid Media, Content Marketing and PR

Know the difference between owned, earned and paid media in Digital Marketing and how you can craft an integrated marketing campaign to meet your marketing objective(s).

Marketing Analytics and Performance Optimisation

Marketing Analytics and Performance Optimisation

Learn essential marketing analysis tools such as Google Analytics to track, review and optimise your marketing assets.

Growth and Career as Digital Marketer

Growth and Career as Digital Marketer

Know the basics of Growth Hacking and how you can push the process of ideating, prioritising, testing and analysing forward.

Detailed Syllabus


We have helped over 200 alum improve their career. Hear what they say about ALPHA Camp


Abby Hsu

Community Manager / 500 Startup

The learning here is fast-paced and interactive. ALPHA Camp has been a great launchpad to help me start a meaningful career.


Rosa Kuo

Community Manager/ Uber Eat

ALPHA Camp introduced me to tech startup’s world and helped me understand digital marketing fundamentals. It’s cool to apply what you learned to real work.


Kewei Kao

Operation Manager / iChef

ALPHA Camp helped me switch to a career in tech startups. I really appreciate their career support after I graduated from the bootcamp.


Tuition Fee: S$2,760

Application Deadline: 24 Dec 2017

mid Jan – mid Apr 2018 (12 Weeks)

Tuesdays and Thursdays (7:30pm – 9:30pm)
Lecture Time

Saturday (1:30pm – 5:30pm)
Project & Tutorial Hours

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  • 09:30


    Learn technical skills and engage in class discussions with instructors
  • 12:30


    Join our brown bag sharing sessions with industry practitioners
  • 14:00


    Time to get hands-on using our learning management platform to work on assignments and projects or join our workshops held by external or our own instructors
  • 16:00


    1-to-1 project review and mentorship with teaching assistants. Regular networking sessions are held where startup founders, investors and the startup community come together to share their experiences


Bernard Chan

Bernard Chan

Founder & CEO of ALPHA Camp

Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge

Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

Ruben Hamilius

Ruben Hamilius

Partner & Facilitator at BusinessGames Ireland

Silvia Siow

Silvia Siow

Executive in Yahoo! and Taobao/Alibaba. Veteran in the Internet space

Jacinda Siew

Jacinda Siew

Senior Account Manager Nanigans

Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke

Founder & CEO of disruptient.

Titan Lee

Titan Lee

Head of Growth, Tech in Asia

Evangeline Leong

Evangeline Leong

Founder & Director, Kobe


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Is this programme eligible for the TIPP subsidy from IMDA?

The Digital Marketing Part-Time Accelerated Programme is not eligible for TIPP subsidy because it's a part-time programme. Our full-time Immersive Programmes for the web full-stack development, iOS Mobile App Development and Product Design are eligible for the TIPP subsidy.

What is the difference between our programmes and other courses offered in the market?

Our programme is conducted in campus to ensure better class engagement and networking opportunity with the instructors and industry practitioners. To this end, we also design our curriculum in a step by step manner, starting from establishing the fundamental concepts in marketing such as branding and metrics, then skills and tools such as Facebook Ads, etc., and later stage growth hacking and most important, we ensure every students learn by doing. You will be given actual marketing budget to promote a new idea or product with the knowledge and techniques you just learn in class. Our mentors will provide feedback to your work. That’s how you really learn.

Does ALPHA Camp help students with job placement?

Yes, we help our graduates pursue the jobs they love. Besides learning the hard skills to kickoff their tech career, we also assist students to become job-ready with resume writing, presentation skills and job referrals. We leverage on our established relations with industry partners to help place our graduates. However, please do note that we do not guarantee job placement as we believe that this is a joint effort between the students and the school.

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