Job Opening – Part-time Online Teaching Assistant / Instructor (Online Web Development track)

ALPHA Camp has an exciting new opportunity for part-time Teaching Assistants / Instructors for our latest online web development program (in Taiwan and in Singapore).

Founded in 2013, ALPHA Camp has trained over 4,000 individuals and our offline immersive bootcamp has graduated over 300 alumni across Asia. Since late 2017, we launched our online program and devoted to creating the best learning environment with data, technology, and community. 

More than just watching videos, ALPHA Camp’s online program strives to foster an interactive learning community, and passionate teaching assistants/instructors are the key to the community.  

“Teaching is a business of managing motivation.”
– Prof. Ben, Department of Computer Science, NUS

As a teaching assistant/instructor, you will not just help the student solve technical problems, but also inspire students with your attention, constructive feedback, and valuable experience.  With your care and help, students are more likely to stay motivated and succeed in their learning journey.

The Opportunity

In addition to student outcome, we also deeply care for our teaching assistants/instructors and are committed to creating a rewarding and valuable experience to them. By working with ALPHA Camp in our online web development program, you will have the opportunities to acquire different experiences and advance your career further:

  • Problem-solving skill: By answering and solving many unexpected questions from a diverse group of students, you will learn how to think differently. This will help enrich your perspectives and more effective solving problems at work.
  • Communication skill: To assist students, especially beginners, you need to understand their problems and be able to explain new concepts in simple words. By doing so, you will enhance your ability to relate to others and communication skills.
  • Coaching experience: Coaching people is not only about making an impact on others but also about making yourself a matured leader in the future. You will learn how to enable junior / less experienced people by providing different guidance and support at different times (e.g., giving out directions rather than answers to facilitate thinking).

Duties and Responsibilities

Students of the online program will be learning on our proprietary learning platform, Lighthouse. Lighthouse provides not only browsing functions for students to read/study, but also many interactive features to foster the learning community, e.g., StackOverflow-alike mini discussion forums, assignment review, peer review, etc.  

In addition to Lighthouse, our teaching assistant/instructor will also have the opportunity to interact directly with the students live online. There are mainly four different ways to support the students:

  1. Answering questions – Answer students’ questions and help them troubleshoot in a timely manner in their learning journey. All students’ questions to be responded within 24 hours throughout the course
  2. Reviewing assignments – Review students’ code or short answers, provide personalized feedback and high-level grading on students’ assignments to ensure their learning effectiveness. Assignments submitted on time will be reviewed within 3 days
  3. Hosting webinars – Help students further reflect on their learning via interactive exercises and case studies with live learning sessions
  4. End-of-class feedback – Provides personalized feedback on students’ learning outcome (the hard skills) as well as advices on next steps on career or learning

A teaching assistant/instructor does not need to cover all of the above, as they require different levels of skill and commitment. We will work with you to identify what fits you the best at different stages, and ideally, create a rewarding and growing path for you.

Regardless of what types of support you engage in, you will work closely with AC and other teaching assistants/instructors closely as a team, to jointly ensure students’ learning outcome and potential improvement needs on our curriculum and experience design.

We are looking for individuals who have…

Personal qualities

  • Strong passion for helping others
  • Good communication skills and be able to explain basic concepts to beginners
  • Empathy to new learners and their learning challenges
  • Positive attitude
  • Enjoys meeting people, making friends, and giving back to the community

Technical Requirements for Intro Course

  • At least 1 year of programming experience
  • Experienced in HTML/CSS and be able to build a static webpage from scratch
  • Experienced in Ruby and be able to solve algorithmic problems with it
  • Familiar with user stories, wireframes, and the process of building web applications

(the upcoming Intro course will start on 22 Oct 2018 both in Taiwan and Singapore)

Technical Requirements for Foundation Course

  • At least 1 year of programming experience
  • Experienced in HTML & CSS and be able to build RWD webpage with flexbox and bootstrap
  • Experienced in JavaScript and be able to solve algorithm problems with it
  • Experienced in DOM manipulation and AJAX
  • Familiar with version control (with Git) and unit test

(the Foundation course will launch in the next two months)

Work hours, location, and payment

This is a flexible role that you can work on it anytime and anywhere. But in order to build a relationship with students and make your work more effective, the minimum required work hours are 6-8 hours per week.

The hourly rate will be SGD 20-40 per hour (pending individual experience level), and the payment will be processed on a monthly basis.

Contact us

If you are interested or would like to know more, please email

More about ALPHA Camp

ALPHA Camp (AC) was founded with the mission to empower people to develop meaningful and rewarding careers through lifelong learning in the new economy. We teach people the skills and mindset that will not only help them stay relevant but succeed in this age of technological acceleration.

We launched our first seminar in Taiwan in 2013 and later expanded to Singapore in 2016, partnering with Singapore’s government to help its citizens develop careers in technology. Since then we have trained over 4,000 individuals, and our Bootcamp has graduated over 300 alumni who are working as software developers, designers, and digital marketers in MNCs and various startups across Asia.

Today, we offer a diverse portfolio of training programs for both consumers (2C) and corporates (2B) in Taiwan and Singapore.

Combining data, technology, and community

There are four reasons we decided to move our program online:

  1. To help more people by allowing them to learn online, anywhere, and at their own pace
  2. To ensure consistency in delivering our course content via videos, graphs, and text
  3. To gather in-depth learning data from a large set of students so we can optimize and improve our content and course design
  4. To harness the power of social discussions, gamification, personalized learning, and other potential techniques and technology to improve engagements and learning effectiveness

While we believe technology will help us to substantially improve both the experience and the effectiveness of our courses, we also understand that there elements that make learning in an offline classroom effective. One of these key elements is the trust and sense of community built via personal interactions.  As such, we try to include personal elements in our training programs to ensure a sense of community is built among our students.