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Web Development Career Guide (Part 1)

Interested in becoming a web developer? Not sure if it is right for you? Clueless how to start? We will break it down for you from beginning to end with numerous tips, resources and advice from industry leaders along the way.

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Web Development Career Guide (Part 2)

Serious about becoming a web developer? want to know more about today’s most sought after skills? We will help you understand the roles and responsibilities, and relevant technologies and skills of today’s web developers.

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Web Development Career Guide (Part 3)

Ready to land your first job as a web developer? We will help you boost your candidacy by breaking down the recruiting process with advice and tips from Singapore’s web development professionals and hiring managers.

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“Under ALPHA Camp’s tutelage, I’ve built a strong foundation to start a career in technology. I really like their hands-on approach throughout the course and the final project demo day. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in tech.”

Ash Rhazaly

Technology Executive @ DBS

“The staff is experienced and understanding. They taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses. I made a lot of good relationships with people at the school and community who shared their insights with us. Money and time well-spent!”

Stan Chin

Product Manager @ SGAG

“My experience in ALPHA Camp was extremely rewarding. Under their guidance, I’ve built a solid foundation in technology and successfully make a career change into development. I strongly recommend ALPHA Camp to anyone looking to start a career in tech.”

Raeger Tay

Web Developer @ ThoughtWorks